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Directly on your smartphone.

Don't miss any job opportunities, wherever you are.
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Fully customizable

Like a secretary at your disposal, the system will store how you prefer to manage your time.

Fast, safe and professional

A simple and fast service, with qualified professionals who are directly selected by us.

Free and without intermediation

The remuneration for the service is 100% yours, without commissions.

You decide how much you earn

You decide how much you earn.

Choose the services you wish to offer

Select the services you wish to be contacted for on the list.


We offer you an expert assistant who is ready to solve all your doubts.

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How PharmaCare works

One app, many benefits

Your job always with you,
directly on your smartphone

Receive the service requests on your smartphone. Manage calls in an easy and fast way, thanks to the app dedicated to the professionals.


More job requests in your area,
wherever you are.

Receive only the requests you are interested in, by choosing the areas where you wish to work with a range of action up to 25km.


Change your preferences whenever you wish in order to have everything under control

Personalize your work experience with ParmaCare by choosing where and when you wish to work and which services you wish to offer. You can change the parameters at any time.


Download the app immediately

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